Maintenance & Extension

Maintenance & Extension

With every down emerges, a new technology shines. For this, our maintenance team will ensure that your app is compatible with platform updates, safe with security batches and current with cutting edge needs.
In addition to this, the analysis results from the stage before, and your growing business needs, will be met by new extensions and features introduced to add new dimensions to your app.

Moreover, as we strive to keep raising on the digital world stairs, new features introduced by our companies R&D team, will be available to you, if they are aligned with your apps goals and nature.

Service Stats & Charts

Stay on top, to make sure your end-users looking towards you:
Stay compatible with new devices in the market.
Extend to new operating systems, and different platforms.
Catch new technologies.
Keep tuned as the mode of behaviour and user experience change.

Reserve your space on top of emerging technologies.



Service Benefits

The Benefit of Service :: Extensions without limits

Extensions without limits

The more your brand will benefit from your AR app, the more you want your app to give. The horizon is the only limit. We will stay with you to make sure this is achieved.

The Benefit of Service :: Stay on top

Stay on top

Providing a state-of-art technology, needs new adding every day to stay stunning and unique. When someone stops, the are only going back. For this we keep providing you with enhancements and advancement options.

The Benefit of Service :: Maintenance


We want to make sure that no security breaches, new platform releases or new devices in the market goes under radar. New versions of your app are ready to cover these keeping your app compatible.