Enduring Analysis

Enduring Analysis

Now, you envision became a reality and the starting seeds of ideas became a unique app ready to break the time counter to be launched to your targeted audience.

The first step in the new Era. The door is widening open for your potential.

Copies and copies of your project are leaving our servers to land on end-users devices, but the project is still in our eyes and hearts. We want to see it grows and blossoms. Usage statistics, end-user behaviour and habits are only a few of the features which will be used by our Data Scientists to examine and evaluate different sides of your project.

Service Stats & Charts

You will be presented regularly with deep analysis and our finding, giving you the chance to update, enhance the app with ideas suitable to your domain, and providing your app with the chance to flourish every period with new enhancements and surprising features.

Teams to oversee the analysis:

Data Scientists: to give thorough analysis of users behaviour and other usage angles
User Experience (UX) experts: to make sure the GUI gives optimal experience
Software Engineers: to profile the performance on different platforms.

Developed with your ideas in the centre, analysed with end-users in the focus.


Service Benefits

The Benefit of Service :: Data Science view

Data Science view

For us Data Science is not just a buzz word. It is a deep insight looking at what we produced. What are the strong points and else, in addition how we can make it even more of a success story.

The Benefit of Service :: Why I want it?

Why I want it?

It will allow you to make smarter decisions in the next stages. Informed steps about in which direction to move the app, what points where aligned for end-user with your brand and how to plan your next campaign.

The Benefit of Service :: What’s in it for Envision?

What’s in it for Envision?

We don’t do AR as a day job. It is a real passion. Even from a business point of view, we want to guarantee your app continues to be improving. This analysis will benefit us as much as it will benefit you.