Concept Stage – Design

Concept Stage – Design

Again, putting you at the centre, this stage aim is to make sure you get what you are dreaming of. This ranges from the final goal and aims of the bespoke app, to finest details of the user experience, menus and interactions. Going with you in iterations and modifications until we see the big smile of approval.

The Concept Stage is implemented by our intuitive experienced team, who crave for creativity to make your specially app made for you is unique, raise your potential and inspires your end users like never before.

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The prototypes here will start by presenting illustrative high-level initiative concepts in the shape of:
Main lines renders
 After presenting these to you and taking your pencil modifications into account in iteration until we take a confirmation from you, the low-level details concepts will be performed.
This depicts a full prototype of your final product, showing the immersive experience of the app and its intuitive graphical user interfaces (GUI).


In each stage, our team works close to you to ensure that we are always on the same page with you and you are entirely happy with every detail before moving forward.



Service Benefits

The Benefit of Service :: From envision to vision

From envision to vision

All the ideas and discussion will turn into clear final outputs prototypes.

The Benefit of Service :: What exactly I’ll see

What exactly I’ll see

Here you will be presented a prototype of the final product. How the app will look like, what will appear in different interactions, what is the user experience will be.

The Benefit of Service :: Why


Again and again, the aim is to make sure that the spoken language among us verified into pixel language with the same perspective.