Sport – Stadium Experience

Your club, your players and your fans deserve a new excitement to link them to the action while they at home, at work or overseas. Your own club AR app from Envision brings you to them, or bring them to you, however, you want to think about it.
Your Stadium at your fans’ door step
Envision Stadium app will enable your fans around the world to build a replica of your stadium in any empty floor they have. They only need to point at an empty space and the app will recognize it and build your stadium model on that floor.
Close to the heart
This app element the distance linking physically distant fans to maintain connection to the club.
It opens the doors for huge advertisement possibilities adding extra appeal for sponsors.

The Benefit of Service :: Unique Experience

Unique Experience

The fans will not only see a full construction of the stadium, but also take a tour inside it visiting all the corners with relative scale to the real-world.

The Benefit of Service :: Dive behind the scenes

Dive behind the scenes

Fans can enjoy diving into construction layers, visiting different halls, witnessing players’ training facilities and enjoying exclusive scenes form the dressing rooms.

The Benefit of Service :: Advertisement


Open huge potential of marketing advertisement world. Ads can be linked to specific stadium areas, your user location or other factors. Ads are dynamic to increase your revenue.

Anytime: Fans can predict / suggest the formation of players in the next match placing them in the pitch where they like to see them
Before the quick off: Club will announce the formation in interactive 3D way, showing each user his approximation, and possibly prizes for the closest winner.
At the match: from their offices/homes/vacations, they will not miss out the live action as with updated information presented with different perspectives as they move their smart devices.
Live matches engagement With your Stadium App, fans will have more fun.
Fans will be notified with more information.
Your Envision AR app starts from your club spirit and emerges into your club

The bespoke app will be built based on your stadium, your brand and most important: your club spirit. We utilise our expertise to add the missing spices between you and your audience to the formula. It is not only elegant to have an AR app for your stadium to feed the thirst of your distant fans, but also, you are adding a new dazzling dimension into the equation and showing ow much you are on top of the technological advancements to put your fans first.


We love what we do
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