Resturant – New Era

You may have wished of an app for your brand or restaurant name right on the customers phones, but you were not sure why ever any one will download it. Now, there is a million pixels reason for them to do so.
You AR what you eat
In the world that people are more and more aware of what they eat, trying new dishes and new food ideas regularly, it is time to add new dimension to your menu. Grab new customers to your tables, with stunning experience of our Resturant AR App fusing your amazing dishes.
The eye feasts before the mouth
Customers will see the dishes at the table through their screens before even it been cooked.
Does it contain that?
Ingredients’ labels pointing to specific section of the dish to check dietary requirements.

The Benefit of Service :: Benefits to you

You are ahead of others today, not trying to run behind tomorrow

The prestige of your brand will extra shine with adding AR experience to your hungry customers. Customers will come to enjoy your lovely food and to try the new technology as well. Moreover, days passing and this will be state of art, and more Resturant will have it. Don’t caught behind.

The Benefit of Service :: Benefits to customer

Enjoy the experience before hand

The customer will have all the available options right on their table. Not only a 3D lively model of individual dishes, but also the assembly of all orders on the table. Moreover, all the ingredients and dietary requirements labelling the dishes.

The Benefit of Service :: Benefits to both

Easy to use, safe time and efforts

The customer needs just to open the app and points to the table, and the magic begins. For you, your bespoke app is easy and quick to add / remove contents to it almost as editing a social media post. It will save time for both as when they are ready no need to wait for the waitress to come. And for you, get the orders from their phones to the kitchen direct.

Have a bespoke app with your brand name on iOS and Android.
New stunning experience for your customers customers
Reduce disappointment by hiding dishes not available today
Let your customer see first what dishes like to push out
Allow them to order and maybe pay from their phones.
Your App, Your control
Envision is ready to deliver your AR bespoke app, customised fully for you. It starts from your brand name, your logo and brand persona design and colours, but it never stops here, the app will be fully trialed to you needs. You will get a unique User Interface Interaction for your having the options you like to include.
Besides other features, like order from the phone, pay on the phone, set menus, special offers and timely contents and so on.

We love what we do
and we do it with passion.