Real Estate

You are building stunning 3D models for your customers’ construction projects … but so do other competitors.
Your brand is bigger and you want to be unique … we have it sorted.
Live the experience before first block
From a long long time ago, architects try to share their plan for buildings, by
sketches, cartoon constructed models and else. Nowadays, almost every mid-big construction project will be proceeded by 3D computer models. These are very good models where you can rotate around the building, study lighting, navigate inside and so on.
What is missing?
The connection between the real-life and the generated models.
Real-life into Real-estate by Augmented-Reality
Yes, this is the solution, build and life in the building even before start digging.

The Benefit of Service :: Benefits to you

Benefits to you

Advertisement, higher prestige and a brand name to sink in. Your name is connected with modernity and seriousness. AR will put your projects on the map … literally. Allows your consumers to have more confidence in you.

The Benefit of Service :: Benefits to customer

Benefits to customer

No hesitation or unlikable surprises.
The future user of the project will not have only more trust of what they are expecting, but also allow them to: 1) dive into the building form the inside, 2) modify minor features were possible and 3) customise interior decors.

The Benefit of Service :: Benefits to both

Benefits to both

Both will understand the building into its environment. Which is advancement upon all other technologies. After all, you will not be constructing this building on the moon (at least for the time being).

An immersive experience with your brand name bespoke app.
Eliminate disappointment by hiding showing the final construction in its targeted environment.
Allow your targeted customers to dive into 3D models layers of construction and decor.
Interactive, degrees of freedom are huge from movements, labelling and slicing.
AR is a main technology target for your competitors. Don’t be left behind.
Envision Real-Estate Augmented-Reality
Your bespoke app from envision will add the missing spices to the formula. It is not only elegant to have an app with your brand name and to show how much you are on top of the technological advancements, but also, you are infusing the missing demission into the equation: Bringing the model to its hosting environment. Make it appear with all surrounding clinging to it.

We love what we do
and we do it with passion.