Printed Cards

Printed materials are still considerable pieces in our life puzzles. Deliver gifts, thoughts and information. Make the most of them and stand out of the clutter.
Not Just Ink and Paper
Let Paper recalls its life stage. Let it shine, talk and move through the lenses of your mobile. The possibilities are only limited by imagination. 3D models, maps, websites, memories, sounds, annotations and interactive scenarios, to name a few. You don’t even need to reprint your materials especially for the app.
Where is the barrier
Printed materials are not replaced by digital, but with AR, they are fuzed into it.
Stand out of the crowed
You want your cards to be unique, like you, we make them so.

The Benefit of Service :: Business Cards

Business Cards

Don’t allow a constructive conversation to end with your card in a wallet next to other ten. Show that you are unique. Your website, linkedIn, projects and success story all in real life, hoping out of your card.

The Benefit of Service :: Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invitations

They made to be special and memorable, but can’t tell all the story. Let the invitation be extraordinary, telling a tale of love, interactive map, the wedding hall and sections. Even they stay to replay the memories after the event.

The Benefit of Service :: Greeting/Anniversary Cards

Greeting/Anniversary Cards

Spending a for long time to find a special card? Does customised started to get normal? Cards should transfer feelings, or location sensations. The uniques of your cards in guaranteed with annotative AR.

Have a bespoke app with your brand name on iOS and
Different dynamic models, videos and images for each card.
New immersive experience for your targeted audience.
Ability to customise items and to purchase from the app.
AR is becoming the state of art. Don’t be caught behind.
Fuse it into digital
“Paper remains the standard to which digital media can only aspire”. Now, the digital is getting back into the basics to add dimensions and open possibilities.
Without the need to reprint your materials, your cards’ AR app will transfer them into digital magic, presenting all the digital media possibilities. And giving the user the joy of knowing more.

We love what we do
and we do it with passion.