EdTech is relative more than ever
With mobile phone, iPads, tablets and smart devices at homes, schools and everywhere, EdTech is thriving for new interactive methodology to enhance students lives and advance their education levels for brighter future.
Turn the dilemma into good fortune
There is a gap between the digital generation and the mature one. We, as mature adults, see our kids, teenagers and even university students trapping a respected part of their life inside a semi-matrix, trying the best of our ability to solve the
addiction to make them focus more on more important matters in their life, especially education. And they consider this as an outdate mindset.
Meet the half-way
Try to take each other seat to see the world from a different perspective.
We AR all winners
Turning a book into interactive digital contents fuzes education to a dazzling experience.

The Benefit of Service :: Benefits to Schools

Benefits to Schools

Re-ignite the education fun. Make your staff and students run to the class instead of walking. Grant the individual papers of books the chance to tell their stories.

The Benefit of Service :: Benefits to Home

Benefits to Home

You can divert the focus of students mind from digital play to digital exploration and interesting revising. The students will have big motivation to not only to study
giving materials, but to prepare to coming classes in shape of exploration.

The Benefit of Service :: Benefits to Both

Creative Projects

With interactive books, teachers are more initiative about new projects ideas for students. The question will be shifted from “Why didn’t you do your homework?
into “How did you implement your project?”

AR is cheaper than purchasing all syllabus experiments devices.
Safety, huge part of chemistry and physics real experiments are not safe for kids to operate alone. AR ones are.
Let them dive into 3D models layers of Math and biology.
Interactive, degrees of freedom are huge from movements of parts to quantities
Dynamic models, videos and images. Update the syllabus yearly with reprinting books.
AR is the unique cutting edge of EdTech
From Interactive blackboards to programming chips and so, EdTech is changing the world of Education into the digital era However, most of the previous technologies make adds a dimension to the school environment, whereas, AR puts all of resources in the students pockets. From school to home and even from outside projects and visits, smart dive is all what it takes to grab all education materials into the student world.

We love what we do
and we do it with passion.