AR adds a layer of digital contents to the real world on a screen. Millions around
the world been stunned by it with Pokémon Go, and became a daily usage with
Snapchat’s animated emojis, Instagram’s 3D stickers and more.
It is huge advancement to the Virtual Reality, where you don’t have to leave the
world into digital, but to immerse the digital into your world.
It has huge advantages with with accessibility, simple, markerless and with huge
number of applications to widen any brand potentials and extend real objects to the flexibility of the digital world.
Using a phone, tablet or any smart device’s camera and motion sensors, AR locates environment’s points, and start tracking them as the user move the device. The user will be able to affix objects (cars, furniture etc) to a point, then realistically manipulate them (e.g. scaling and changing perspective). The apps can recognise flat surfaces, which is suitable for laying out digital items into the real world.

Augmented Reality opens the doors for huge potential for industry, education and many more sectors. It can be utilised to enable consumers to interactively interact with products before purchase.
How a sofa will look in a living room and does it fit?

Which colour a table will suit the room paint?
AR can visualise a restaurant menu, ingredients and order to the table.
AR enables depicting player stats to a football game.
The applications are endless. AR presents the cutting edge way to engage with your targeted audiences on the mass. It provides a new era for advertisement. AR is proving itself as a valuable and commercial sales tool.

VR takes the user into a complete immersion experience that separate them from the physical world. While putting a VR glasses on, such as Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, a user can be transported into an imagined environment or a distant real-world one. VR depends on the existence of special device (glasses), put a barrier to the surroundings and lack sharing experience.
AR enriches a live scene with digital ingredients by using the camera of a smartphone or a similar device. Besides the transportation of the VR, It opens the door for huge applications by extending the capabilities of the real world objects. You can see a home appliance in action, adds labels to a portrait or medicine, train safely on a machine operation or place furnitures inside your room.

We are a project-wise company. Start from your brand/your products and ends up with an App for your needs with your ethos. If you have a unique idea for your app, we flourish it with you and implement it for you. If you don’t have a starting point, we have a team for this. Based on our experience and continuous outlook, we study your company’s unique persona and present you with seeds of ideas. You guide us of what direction you like, and we grow your idea’s seed into reality.

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